Main objects of Food Processing Company PDF Print Email

1.      To manufacture, process, prepare, preserve, can, refine, bottle, buy, sell and deal whether as wholesalers or retailers or as exporters or importers or as principals or agents in foods, meats, egg, poultry, vegetables, canned and tinned and processed foods, protein, health and instant foods of al kinds including baby and dietic foods, cereals, beverages, cordials, tonics, restoratives and aerated mineral waters and food stuffs and consumable provisions of very description for human or animal consumption and to carry on business in all natural, artificial, synthetic or chemical edible food colour.

2.      To transact and carry on business as manufacturers, importers and exporters of all sorts of fruits, food, foodstuffs, canned fruits, chocolates, candies, jams, preserves, jellies, peppermints, juice, syrups, beverages, waters, wines, cordials, restorative and drinks of all kinds.