Main objects of Farming Company PDF Print Email

1.         To carry on the business of all kinds of farming, horticulture, sericulture, pisiculture, dairy, gardening and of raising, breeding, improving, developing, buying, selling, producing, preserving and dealing in all kinds of product of such business and in particular, food grains seeds pure bred and inbred game, meat cattle and other live and dead stock eggs, sausages, preserved meat, trees, plants, plants fruits, flowers and vegetable milk and milk products and to establish experimental farms and research stations any where in India for conducting experiments  test and research for developing better qualities of seeds, foodgrains and agricultural products and for developing milch strain in cattles by cross breeding or otherwise and increasing egg laying capacity in poultry and also for finding other ways and means of improving other agricultural crops produce, seeds, fodder, crops and cattle feed of all kinds.

2.         To cultivate, grow, produce or deal in any agriculture, vegetable or fruit products, food items, vegetable oils, neebra oil, oil cakes and by products thereof and to carry on all or any of the business of farmers, dairymen, milk contractors, dairy farmers, millers, surveyors, and vendors of milk products, condensed milk and powdered milk, cream , cheese, butter, poultry, fruits, vegetables, condensed milk and powdered milk, cream, cheese, butter, poultry, fruits, vegetables, cash crops and provision of all kinds, growers of and dealers, in corn, hay and straw, seedsmen and nurserymen and to buy, sell, manufacture and trade in any goods usually traded in any of the above business or any other business inclusive of staple foods and medicinal preparations from milk, vegetable and animal products or any substitute for any, them associated with the farming interests.